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10 Best Travel Photography Websites

by Heather on August 19, 2010

“Best travel photography websites”. Sounds simple, right? Well, simple in the fact that there are a lot of travel photography websites out there. However, it’s challenging today to find quality, ah-inspiring photos. When it comes to photography the amount of interest about images documenting the daily life of people from around the world has exploded. Tweet this, post that, you name it, and I’ve taken a photo of it. Technology has made it easier, and faster to spread our experiences through photo-sharing websites, making the internet photography

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Photo.net travel section

by Nikos on December 15, 2004

Photo.net is probably one of the best-known and authoritative online resources for photography in general. What is perhaps a little less known, is it’s excellent travel photography section featuring a must-read travel tips page for photographers and numerous destination-specific guides that cover anything from equipment and photo-ops to local labs and facilities. Worth checking out before you go.

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Focus on photography

by Nikos on December 15, 2004

I mentioned it at the travel photography and video forum, so I might as well do it here, too. Fodor’s is publishing an excellent primer on travel photography online, and it’s worth having a look at it before shelling out for one of the numerous photo tips books out there.

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